Queen8 use agreement

Please be sure to read the following contents of use agreement before using service of Queen8. When uses service of our company, It was allowed to carry out consent to the following essential points. When not agreeing, please leave a room from the site concerned immediately.

■About Limit to Use

A member service user makes the contents (a photograph, an image, an illustration, a video image, and other data that is not limited to them are included) downloaded in the service concerned individual and the thing to which the use is permitted only at the use aiming at the amusement of the nonprofit purpose about use restrictions. It is not concerned in part but a user forbids the contents of the site concerned, software, a material, all of services, or being engaged in the following act.

Distribution by publication by correction, an alteration, the duplicate, other sites, or media, an exhibition, and communication, transfer, and resale, Manufacture of a derivative work, reverse engineering, decompile, or disassembling act, Use of the purposes other than other "use restrictions"

■About Copyright

The copyright of all the movies and pictures offered about copyright at this site is held and managed in the corporation of the U.S.A duplicate, offer and sale to the 3rd person, E-mail, the unapproved upload to other sites, etc. have you make it take a legislative action based on the U.S. method immediately for any reasons, when the act which infringes on a work is found. In advance, when consent by the document from us is received in beforehand to activity etc. for the purpose of the advertisement business of the site concerned, the temporary use is permitted.

■About Privacy

Although it is kept by the membership database when it applies for a visitor's contacts (E-mail address etc.) and consumer's credit files (credit card number etc.) about privacy and is merely, I do neither using it for uses other than the purpose of the support to a visitor, nor an act which is resold to other contractors. About connection of campaign, guidance of new service, etc., it is not this limitation specially.

■About Use of Cookie

Since the visitor of use does surfing of the page in a site more comfortably about use of Cookie at this site, "Cookie" technology may be used. Please set up a browser to be able to receive Cookie.

■About Link

The responsibility category of our company is in ad campaigns, such as banner advertising on which the link to the site concerned by the third party was stuck about the link, and is [ ad campaigns ] rich and makes them. A user's damage caused by puffery, a subject advertisement, and advertisement of a fraud imitation shall have no responsibility on us in a dispute measure by between persons concerned [with the third party engaged in the ad campaign ].

■About Payment ( Credit card )

It pays by [ 7days before it is related and, as for a user (credit card), the monthly term of validity goes out ] Unless cancellation procedure over this service is carried out, it is in an one-month(30days) unit. A membership shall be updated automatically.

A user shall apply for this service to what kind of case only in one’s own name. Moreover, a user is not concerned with intentionally and negligence but is use of this service with credit cards other than one’s own name. It carries out, when the fact is revealed, the total amount of a card issuer and the service enjoyed to the reparations from the third party which include a credit card transaction factoring company again is secured, and duty to pay all the concerned tenders is assumed.

When there are loss of a credit card, a theft, and damage of an illegal use, and when use by the other clear violations of security is revealed, it is obligatory promptly to the support center concerned that it reports.


■About Contents

It is related with contents and is to the site concerned. To the last, the contents are fictitious, are offered for the purpose of adult's amusement, and do not affirm the act currently described from contents. All of actors described from contents and performers are adults aged 18 and over, and no minor is contained.

■About Cancellation of Service

Even if the service concerned is interrupted by circuit confusion, poor connection, a disaster caused by man, and a natural disaster or incorrect distribution of contents occurs about discontinuation of service, no matter what loss [damage or loss ] a user may cover, no liquidation responsibility shall be taken.

----- Forfeiture of member qualification -----

○ In the following cases, the member's member qualification shall be snatched in Queen8.
* When it becomes clear that there was a falsehood at the time of an admission application.
* When the act which deviated from within the limits of individual use of contents becomes clear.
* When a member is delayed in the payment of a member charge.
* When the payment of a charge is overdue for the reason of the term-of-validity piece of a credit card, and others.
* When service of Queen8 and the interference to a use circuit become clear.
* When the act which participated in the unjust outflow of ID and a password becomes clear.
* When the act which is except the above and bars smooth site management of Queen8 becomes clear.

○ The already paid member charge to the member deprived of member qualification shall not be returned.

○ Although member qualification is invalidated from our company after a notice to a visitor in principle, it is sometimes invalidated without a preliminary announcement in a membership in case of emergency.

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